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Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching Volume 1
Mapping a Mirage: Documenting the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
The Map to Curriculum Alignment and Improvement
Evolving Expectations for Teaching in Higher Education in Canada
Practice Makes Perfect? University Students’ Response to a First-Year Transition Course
Serial Team-Teaching and the Evolving Scholarship of Learning: Students’ Perspective
Transforming Diversity Tensions: Shifting Knowledge through Arts-Based Practices
Negotiating Shared Understandings of Our Work through a Collaborative Curriculum: Exploring the Experience of Creativity in Cross Discipline Visual Arts Projects
Sessional Teaching Staff and Learning, Teaching, and Assessment: Engaging the Marginalised
Clinical and Practicum Education in the Professions: The Student Voice
Exploring Strategies in Facilitating Cultural Diversity: A Freirean Approach
Question Me an Answer: Re-Awakening the Art of Inquiry in Post-Secondary Science Education
I Light this Candle: Using Rituals in Teaching
Evolving Toward Laughter in Learning
The Medicine Wheel: A Versatile Tool for Promoting Positive Change in Diverse Contexts
Clicker Lessons: Assessing and Addressing Student Responses to Audience Response Systems
“Learning by Doing” in a Graduate Course in Human Development and Family Studies: Service Learning Utilizing an Evaluation Project
Learning by Observing Our Peers
Program-Level Assessment of Learning Outcomes in a Faculty Certificate Program on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
A Research-Based Approach to Participation Assessment: Evolving Beyond Problems to Possibilities
Professionalism Marks vs. Participation Marks: Transforming the University Experience
Making the Most of Multiple-Choice Questions: Getting Beyond Remembering
The Writing Development Initiative: A Pilot Project to Help Students Become Proficient Writers
Journal Writing as Taking Ownership of Internship Experiences
Writing-to-Learn in First-Year Biological Sciences
E-Portfolios in Teacher Education: The UNBC Experience