Alumni Hall: McPherson Lounge

Use Conference / General
Seating Type Open - Chair, Tables
Windows Yes
Window Blinds Yes
Lighting Fluorescent/ Incadescent Dimmers
Overhead Projector No
Document Camera Available per request from MET
Screen Yes
PA System Yes
Data Projector Yes
Computer No
Audio Cassette Deck Yes
Data Jack No. Yes*
Podium/Lectern Yes **

Special Features

- To book for general use, contact x3277
- To book for conference use, contact x7074
- console is password protected
- auxiliary panel for external hook up: notebook(VGA, HDMI, audio provided), video
- 1 wireless lapel microphone
- 1 wireless handheld microphone
(both are located in lock box at front of room)
** contact housekeeping (2480) for issues regarding podium