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Winter 2006

This edition introduces a few new features to our electronic magazine including a comments box at the end of each article. Please take a few moments to give your reactions. Also, our Roving Reporter feature now includes sound clips.

We hope you enjoy these "reFLEXions." Let us know what you think.

picture of a speaker, indicating an audio storyAre You a Digital Immigrant? 

A Computer Science instructor reflects upon on the new technological landscape in which our students seem to feel so comfortable, and how the rest of us are increasingly at odds with this new culture.

Explaining Learning-

Neil Gold explains why adopting a "learning-centred" approach is important to both students and faculty of the University of Windsor.

The Maclean's Rankings

A closer look at the (in)significance of this yearly ritual.

Podcasting 101

What "podcasting" is, how it can benefit learning, and some concerns.

Using Problem-Based Learning

Recent workshops at U of W in this innovative "active learning" approach to teaching and curriculum design opened some eyes to its effectiveness and applicability.

e-Law: What is Personal Information?

The regular e-Law feature looks at PIPEDA, the recently enacted Personal Information Protection and Electronics Document Act.

Upcoming Conferences and Awards

Some academic conferences and awards you may be interested in.

picture of a speaker, indicating an audio storyRoving Reporter 

Roving Reporter asks: "What do you think of podcasting?"


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