Spring 2007

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Alan Wright: Centred on Learning

Meet the new Vice-Provost Teaching & Learning (and the CFL's new Director), Dr. Alan Wright.

1st Annual Conference on Teaching & Learning

The Office of the Vice Provost, Teaching and Learning is pleased to announce a new and exciting conference co-hosted by the University of Windsor and Oakland University, Michigan.

Celebration of Teaching Excellence

Acclaimed instructors, both current and retired, were honoured in the first annual Celebration of Teaching Excellence.

Jane Goodall: Making a Difference

The renowned ethologist and tireless environmental crusader came to town and spoke to us about our role, as a university, and as a society, in changing the world.

Stories from Away: Part 1

Reducing the Distance to Your Students in Large Classrooms

Dr. Judith Dunlop explores what she learned from a conference on teaching large classes.

Stories from Away: Part 2

Interteaching: An Alternative to the Lecture in Undergraduate Education

Dr. Alan Scoboria brings back his thoughts on this effective teaching strategy from the Psychology Teaching Institute.

e-Law: Copyright and On-line Courses: Some General Guidelines

Professor Myra Tawfik and Nisarg Munshi (Law III) provide tips for navigating through the murky waters of copyright infringement in on-line course sites.

Roving Reporter

Roving Reporter asks: "What one tip would you give to a first year undergraduate?"

Upcoming Conferences

Some upcoming academic conferences and awards you may be interested in.

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