Chrysler Hall South: Room 51

Use General / Hyflex
Seating Capacity 99 + 3(wheelchair) = 102
Seating Type Tiered
Desk Type Tablet
Windows 8
Window Blinds Yes (wall controls)
Lighting Fluorescent
Document Camera Yes
Screen 1
PA System Yes
Data Projector Yes
Computer Yes
DVD/VCR No(call AV to book)
USB Ports 4
AirMedia Yes
Podium/Lectern No**

Special Features

- For assistance or if you experience a problem, please contact ext 3051.
- HDMI, VGA and 3.5 Audio cable available to connect device
- Connect wireless using AIRMEDIA
- 2 wireless microphones (Book Microphone, available for pickup from UCC G01A)
** Contact housekeeping (2480) for issues regarding podium