Dillon Hall : Room 350

Use General
Seating Capacity 24 + 1(wheelchair) = 25
Seating/Desk Type Chairs / Moveable tables
Windows 5
Window Blinds Yes
Lighting Fluorescent
Overhead Projector No
Document Camera Yes
Screen Yes
PA System Yes*
Data Projector Yes
Computer Yes
BluRay Player Yes
DVD/VHS Player Yes
Data Jack No. 12**
Podium/Lectern Yes***

Special Features

- There is no console code required to operate the console. Select login and proceed. If there are any problems, please contact ext 3044 or ext 3051.
- 1 wireless microphone (call x3051 to reserve, available for pickup from ER G106)
- auxiliary panel for external hook up: laptop, video (VGA and audio cables provided)
* Hearing Assisted (LISTEN SYSTEM)
** DVD (BluRay) backward compatible
*** contact housekeeping (2480) for issues regarding podium