CFL Webcast:
Live in Dubai!

Gail Johnson, CFL

The CFL webcast of the 85th University of Windsor Convocation ceremonies was seen live via the internet in Dubai, UAE; Manchester, England; New Delhi, India; Bucharest, Romania; and Houston, Texas.

The broadcast of all six sessions on the weekend of June 11, 2006, was sharp and clear whether viewed locally or internationally. It takes three camera operators, one sound engineer, a technical director, director, video shader, webcaster and photographer to put together such a production. They work 12-14 hour days to set up and tear down the equipment needed to create the live web broadcast and video which, once edited, is available for purchase. You can see the results of their labour by clicking here.

Photo of Spring 2006 graduates
Graduates from the Spring 2006 Convocation
at the University of Windsor. Photo by Doug MacKellan.

Gail Johnson is an Instructional Developer and Graphic Artist for the CFL

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