Frequently Asked Questions


As an instructor, how do I get a site?

Do I need to add students to my site?

How do I make the site ready for students?

Now we have Blackboard, what is next?

I want to use publisher materials. How do I get to use them with Blackboard?

What happens to my previous CLEW sites?

What other universities/colleges near us are using Blackboard Learn?

How do students get "trained"?

What is the governance structure for the LMS?

Is there training for me on how to use Blackboard Learn, or on optimizing its use for my circumstances?


How do I find my courses?

Why isn't my course site there with the other ones I have?

How do I get used to using Blackboard? I've never used it before.

How do I get support?

How do I get support for a problem or question I have?

What other online support resources are available?

  • As an instructor, how do I get a site?

    Once the course code has been entered into the SIS and you are identified as the instructor of record in the course, a script will automatically run, and a course shell will be created. The site will not be visible to students, but will be visible to you once you log into Blackboard at using your UWin ID and password. Students will then be populated into your site automatically.

  • Do I need to add students to my site?

    The LMS Team has automated the integration of Blackboard to the SIS, so all registered students will be updated automatically in the course site. Instructors don't need to worry about adding or dropping registered students. Instructors will need to add GA or TAs or Departmental Support manually, however. Follow instructions on how to add users in the Add User article.

  • How do I make the site ready for students?

    When instructors have prepared materials and uploaded them to the course site, they can activate the site by ensuring Edit Mode is set to ON. Once that is done, the Control Panel becomes active in the site. Navigate and select the Customization menu item, select Properties and scroll mid-way down the page. There the Set Availability options become visible. Set Availability to "Yes", then click Submit to activate. Once that is done, students will be able to see the course site after they log in.

  • Now we have Blackboard, what is next?

    The University purchased two additional modules for Blackboard to better analyze teaching and learning activities that involve Blackboard. One module is for tracking learning outcomes. The other module is for analyzing data produced by Blackboard in addition to integrating data from the SIS. The Analytics module is being tested in a pilot project with Engineering and the Outcomes module is being prepared to assist with tracking outcomes needed for accreditation purposes. Once these modules are fully tested and verified, further expansion across campus will begin based on Faculty and Departmental needs. If you have a specific question or report you are interested in, please file a Service Request and provide details of your situation.

  • I want to use publisher materials. How do I get to use them with Blackboard?

    Currently, we are not installing Publisher Building Blocks which totally integrate their products with Blackboard. There are a number of reasons we are prudent about installing any third-party integrations including the need for Privacy Impact Assessments, investigations of where personal data of students will be stored on non-university servers, and some materials that may have unintended side-effects in the system. Instructors CAN import specifically formatted materials for Blackboard from publishers including tests (found within the Tests, Surveys and Pools tool) and some SCORM packages found in the Utilities and Packages menu option in the Course Control Panel.

  • What happens to my previous CLEW sites?

    CLEW servers will be turned off effective December, 2017. Please ensure that you have saved or migrated any materials from the CLEW servers that you wish to maintain. You can move materials to any of your existing Blackboard sites by using the CLEW Import tool, or you may request a new Blackboard site to host or archive your material. Blackboard sites can be requested by creating a Service Request at and include the following information - UWin ID of the site organizer, name for a new Organization site, if for previous CLEW Project site(s) you want to migrate to Blackboard, Course Title / Code / Semester / if you wish to request a shell for course sites prior to September 2015. Please choose only one member who is either an organizer or instructor of a site, to submit the site request. Instructions for migrating CLEW materials to Blackboard can be found in the Using the CLEW Import Tool article. Note: Student work will NOT transfer to Blackboard, only instructor materials for certain tools. The information in CLEW will not be deleted, it will be archived.

  • What other universities/colleges near us are using Blackboard Learn?

    The following nearby institutions use Blackboard Learn as their campus-wide LMS: St. Clair College; Wayne State University; University of Toronto; Trent University; University of Ontario Institute of Technology; and Nipissing University.

  • What is the governance structure for the LMS?

    The following groups coordinated the campus-wide transition from CLEW to Blackboard Learn and are currently overseeing additional projects including the implementation of the Learning Outcomes management tool and Learning Analytics reporting tools:

    • LMS Team: Responsible for day-to-day technical transition and implementation.
    • LMS Advisory Committee: key stakeholders across campus who have been apprised of the project from its inception.
    • LMS Steering Committee: decision-making body with representatives from CTL, ITS, and Leddy Library. Sub-committees may be formed from this group to deal with specific projects on an as-needed basis.
  • Is there training for using Blackboard Learn?

    Yes. Training is offered which includes specific Faculty workshops, open workshops, and online self-paced courses. More specific details regarding training options are available at Links to the Online Course registration is also available on that page.
    Face-to-Face consultations which are one-on-one are available on an ongoing basis and are called Name Your Topic.¬† Additional group training sessions are offered on an ongoing basis or upon request for a specific group and are available at two levels depending on your comfort level with technology. 

    These levels are:

    • Decaf - This option will offer a relaxed, and slower-paced workshop by placing an emphasis on step-by step learning. This category is suitable for the emerging technical explorer or the learner who is new to using learning management systems, and
    • Espresso - This option will offer a fast-paced more technically driven workshop. This category is suitable for the learner who is confident using learning management system tools, or other online systems, who possesses a high comfort level in learning and adopting new technology.

    Online Self-Paced Courses (Instructors)
    Step-by-step, self-paced courses are available to register in. There is no start date, nor end date as the courses are designed for you to explore in your own time and at your own pace. Courses can be used as a future reference tool to help you proceed through learning about various tools and best practices that can be used with Blackboard Learn. They will be available to you after registration, as long as you have a UWin ID, and want to have continued access. For a full description of courses and topics contained within them, visit

    Student Orientation (Online Self-paced course)
    Students have the opportunity to learn about how to use Blackboard from an online self-paced course. This course is visible for all students once they are logged in to Blackboard. To see this course, and others they are registered into, view My Courses from the Home tab.


  • How do I find my courses?

    Log in to Blackboard at Once logged in, you will be on the Home tab. From there, look for the My Courses list. Also, you can check the Courses Tab at the top of the page to see your sites. Finally, you can also access through the drop-down menu that you can click beside by your name in the top right corner.

  • Why isn't my course site there with the other ones I have?

    Your professor will let you know if they are planning on using Blackboard or not during the semester. If the professor says they will be using it, then they have the choice as to when they decide to make it active. Once it is active, you should be able to see it.

  • How do I get used to using Blackboard? I've never used it before.

    Every registered student will have access to a self-paced non-facilitated online course entitled Student Orientation. This course contains several easy to navigate modules and some practice exercises to help you get familiar with Blackboard and how to find help at the University.


    • Who do I contact for support?

      If you are having an issue with Blackboard Learn, contact the Service Desk at ext. 4440 or complete a service request. If your situation requires further intervention than Help Desk can support, your service request will be directed to an individual or department that can best serve you. Instructors can request consultations for course redesign options for upcoming semesters by emailing

    • What other online support resources are available?

      There is an extensive online support system available from Blackboard Learn. The version of Blackboard Learn to select is Learn, Original Experience option. Please remember to select your role (Instructor or Student) from the online help menu, after selecting the correct version. Several videos are available from if you prefer them for learning, or reviewing procedures.  Additionally, for employees of the University of Windsor, online videos may be accessed from