The mandate of the LMS Team is to determine operational principles and procedures to direct planning, decision-making and implementation efforts with respect to the development, support and ongoing maintenance of the LMS. Additionally, members of the LMS Team will provide recommendations to the LMS Steering Committee, and liaise with and update the LMS Advisory Committee.

Name Position  Role  Ext.
Erika Kustra Director, Teaching & Learning Development  Co-Chair 4842
Susan Holiga Assistant Director, Information Technology Services Co-Chair 2738
Nick Baker Director, Office of Open Learning Member 4925
Adrian Dobos Computing Consultant, Information Technology Services Member  2737
Teresa Collins LMS Administrator & Coordinator, Centre for Teaching and Learning (on leave) Member 4836
Timothy Au-Yeung Online Learning Systems Assistant (temporary), Centre for Teaching and Learning  Member 4412
Lorna Stolarchuk Learning Technologies Educational Consultant, Centre for Teaching and Learning  Member 3050
Graham Fawcett Application Programmer & Consultant, Centre for Teaching and Learning  Member 3049
Arpa Smith Team Leader, Client Services, Information Technology Services Member 4440
Allyson Skene Learning Specialist, Centre for Teaching and Learning Member 4923