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Send Grades to eGrade

Instructors can transfer grades from Blackboard to eGrade directly. Only Calculated Columns will be eligible to transfer, so your uploaded grades from a spreadsheet need to be converted properly to numerical values, and then selected as the column that a Calculated Column can import. More in the Transfer to eGrade from Blackboard article.

Training Sessions

Instructors and their assistants can receive training with F2F classes or through online self-paced, non-facilitated Blackboard courses.

Blackboard Support

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Online self-help is only a click away! Select the role you are seeking help for below, "Students, Instructors, or GATAs" and see if the links provided get you what you need! If not, feel free to submit a Service Request for customized help. This online resource has been designed to offer help by role, and by commonly used function. The search field also provides a keyword search option within the University of Windsor's local help pages. Finally, if all else fails here, try a google search and enter your question and include Blackboard, and there's a good chance that someone on the planet has had the same question as you!

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We recommend submitting a Service Request to get directed, customized support as the most expeditious approach for your Blackboard related questions and issues. One of the LMS Team members will respond as quickly as possible!