Group of people learning how to use an LMS

Blackboard Learn significantly enhances our capacity to offer engaging, high-quality online and blended learning and teaching, and allows for greater support for instructors pursuing new pedagogical approaches.

Blackboard is:

  • Customizable - Provides customization options to support a range of pedagogical styles, site organization, personal notifications, and adaptive release of materials.
  • Interactive - Enables instructors to connect and engage with students through wikis, blogs, rich video, audio, virtual classrooms, and discussion board options using desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.
  • Intuitive - Includes extensive online help documentation and videos 24/7/365 to help users find about how to use features.
  • Efficient – Offers extensive options for providing student feedback and integrated grading.
  • Group Friendly – Includes several tools for integrated and interactive group work.